We are an urban garden center fostering community and creating beauty.  Autumn hours:  Th-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-5; Sun 12:30-4; Mon 11-6.

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Bees is an oasis in the middle of the city where you can hear water splashing, get sage advice, and find great gifts for loved ones. Unlike large garden centers, it is a pocket-sized “tiny but mighty” way to address your gardening needs. If you have a patio, balcony or doorway in need of life and beauty, this is the place for you. Those with larger gardens can find inspiration and supplies here too.


the outside inside

Are you ready to carry the spirit of the garden into your home? More and more, we crave having the outdoors brought inside. Bees has a number of items to create that look, as well as professional interior design advice, if needed. Art, objects that remind us of the outdoors, and other items that work well with an indoor/outdoor theme await you. 


our name

Cath, Bees' Founder, has a hobby of photographing murals. Of the 350+ murals she has documented, her favorite one features individual bees on unicycles. She described this one day to a friend as she was forming the business. “I like the idea of them all on one bike with little pedals...bees on a bicycle." It had a ring to it, made them (and others) laugh, and stuck. 



We are at the corner of 19th and Market Streets in the Chattanooga Southside in the 37408 zip code. If you search for Bees on a Bicycle on Google maps, we have our very own pin which will aid your journey. 

1909 Market Street, Chattanooga,TN 37408



A small parking lot is available on site, as well as street parking next to Bees on Emerson Street. If there is no space there drive one block down 19th and any day other than Sunday, Bees customers (only) have special permission to park at Cornerstone Church at the corner of Long and 19th streets. 



 We are open:

Thursday, Friday: 11 - 6

Saturday: 10 - 5

Sunday: 12:30 - 4

Monday: 11 - 6

Closed for Labor Day.