Winter hibernation

Today begins a bit of dormancy. Like bears hibernating or perennials gathering energy quietly underground, we here at Bees will rest.

That said, if you have a need that Bees on a Bicycle must fill, no worries! Text or call 703.225.9686 to book a time and we'll meet you at the shop. No big deal; we are there off and on and happy to select a time to meet you.

During our quiet time we will be dreaming up a few special events and a book launch for warming our hearts and minds these winter months. We will solidify several new product lines for Spring fun at the garden center. We also will be taking you along for a special design inspiration adventure! Pack your virtual bags and stay tuned for details. Yay.

On a personal note, I hope to get quiet. This has been a big year, full of new systems, business developments, a book being written. Now it is time to get perspective quietly through meditation, long walks, tea with friends, and reading. I hope to cook more and address my reading pile next to my bed. What a concept: curling up and reading a book! I'm going to do that at least once in the weeks ahead.

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