Economics of shopping local

Last night Graham and I talked about shopping local and how it helps our community. Basically, it is a "put your money where you want goodness" sort of thing. Do you want better roads, schools, parks and education here? Shopping in a local business means significantly more local tax, employee and business dollars being invested locally. With corporate big-box stores, proceeds go to shareholders that predominately live OUTSIDE Chattanooga. Thus our big-box and online purchases support OTHER roads OTHER schools in other places. Well, shoot, that doesn't help things here! Our kids and potholes need some TLC!

An added benefit if you own a house nearby is that shopping at small, independent businesses keeps these shops open! Savvy real estate shoppers love nearby amenities and home values increase accordingly. For those of you who run AirBnBs, walkable amenities is a key sales factor, again pumping more money into our local economy with tourism.

Chattanooga does a great job of supporting local business and has a vibrant Chamber of Commerce. Let's keep it up folks, and the future will be a bright one for all of us.

viewsCath Shaw Truelove