7 tips for successful summer gardening!

1.  Avoid overly fertilized plants (ie the blingy ones) that are loaded with salts – they are highly susceptible to drought. Many of these are on sale right now, so be careful with your choices.

2.  Choose organically-grown native plants, potted in real soil, rather than a soil-less mix. These will be much more drought-tolerant.

3.  Skip traditional fertilizer which often have drying salts.  Use compost instead to increase water retention.

4. Surround with a smart mixture. Use 50/50 compost and mulch to settle in plants for success. Compost will help retain water and the mulch will insulate.

5. Water smartly. Water thoroughly, but not drenching or leaving them in pools of water to rot. Drying out between waterings, then a good drink is optimal.

6.  Plant at a good time. Evenings and cloudy days are ideal. If you can't swing this, use the other tips here for success.

7.  Maintain your new recruits. Water your new plants often while they are still in their nursery pots. It will give them a better chance when you get around to planting them.