Bees Bouquets

A sustainable, fun way to mark an occasion and add to your garden all at the same time! Bees bouquets are custom-designed to meet your needs and budget. Call or fill out our online form to learn more. The videos below are also a good place to start to dream.


planters in process

What you see here: 53 herbs and perennials were planted in sustainable, lightweight pots to go on each table at a wedding at The Turnbull Building here in Chattanooga, TN. Later, the groom and his bride planted the contents from their centerpieces in their garden of their new home. The team at Bees added mulch and decorative stones to make mini gardens out of each planter. While the newlyweds were away at their honeymoon, Bees took care of their centerpieces for two weeks so they’d be fresh and ready for planting upon their return.

Planning your bouquets: To plan Bees Bouquets for your event, we begin by discussing what will be available in the approximate date, budgets and overall concept. This approach works well by being open to what is available from growers, rather than working from pictures. Local growers grow what they grow and not all plants are available at all times. Please know that this is different than a traditional floral approach. That said, if you are a bride, we aren’t going to send you down the aisle with a flower pot! Thus, we team with local flower growers and florists to create any cut-flower elements. Collaboration garners creativity and we enjoy working with others to create a cohesive whole for your occasion. All in all, we help you with ideas to come up with something unique and truly beautiful. Contact us >

Why Bees Bouquets?

In this video Alicia discusses why she and Chris chose Bees on a Bicycle and doing their reception centerpieces this way. Their garden and their wedding needed help. They found a way to spend money once and get both! Also, they wanted an environmental, smart approach.

Why not plastic containers?

Deciding to use plants that are alive is not only smart for your wallet and garden, but also a sustainable choice. In this video Alicia discusses the pots we used made out of grain husks—the part we humans can’t digest. They biodegrade in years, rather than decades like plastic. So smart for the environment!